Custom Design

You Dare to Dream ----- We Design and Create 


We’ve built a solid reputation specialising in designing and constructing custom residential homes.




It could your own plan, idea or dream, you may have a difficult block of land, sloping, unusual shape or knock down rebuild.

We will help put it all together with our skilled home designers and construction team.

The first stage of the new home building process involves a consultation to establish a budget for your project, which will include all aspects of the dream home you want. We then work with a designer who will transfer your ideas onto paper, ready for council approval.

 With all our innovative designs we are able to provide functional, environmentally sustainable homes. We ensure energy efficient features are incorporated.




  1. Design brief based on your budget and what you want to achieve with your project 
  2. Concept design based on the design brief, after this initial approval we then work together on the working drawings and specifications to achieve your dream new home (within your specified budget). The team have over 25 years of building experience, and are more than happy to provide with you advice and recommendations
  3. Budget cost completed for concept plans . 
  4. Apply for Development Approval (if necessary)
  5. Final specification
  6. Working Drawings (engineering and energy efficiency)
  7. Final costing,upon completion of the plans we are able to provide you with a firm custom new home project price.




  1.  Apply for building permit from council, After the planning process is complete, we are then able to obtain a building permit and construct your new home. As a small builder we can offer you exceptional service; cutting out any middleman (resulting in a faster construction process). We also provide a unique personal experience throughout the construction process, providing feedback and solutions for all your enquiries. 
  2. Order of materials
  3. Construction of Project
  4. Completion of Project
  5. Upon completion of your custom designed new home, we will continue to provide you with exceptional post construction service.